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US-based solar company

Chatbot objective

The solar company wanted to attract home owners who are considering installing solar panels. Users opt-in via Facebook JSON ads, and the conversation continues in Messenger. Users complete a quiz and are offered to book a call with a sales person.


Messenger, Manychat, HubSpot integration via Zapier.


Welcome message with bot introduction and gif. The chatbot persona, Sol, is happy, chirpy and helpful.

Qualification journey

A quiz to qualify and segment the leads. We used open replies for questions that are unique to each user, such as their address, and quick replies to easier segment the leads, for example, how high their electricity bill is. 

Qualification journey

At the beginning of each question, the bot shows how many questions they have completed and how many they have left, for example, 3/5. This is to manage the user’s expectations and give them an idea of how many questions they have left in the quiz.

Qualification journey completion

The happy path: quiz completion and invitation to book a phone call. Calls are booked via Calendly, and contact details are automatically passed from the Messenger bot to the Calendly booking page. Since the contact fields on the Calendly link are already populated with the correct information, the users don’t have to repeat themselves and it makes for a more smooth customer experience.

Error handling

Local fail example, wrong user input. It’s important to explain what went wrong and what the bot is expecting instead, in this case, an email.

Conversation recovery

Recover abandoned conversation, for users who didn’t click on Book a call within 20 minutes.